What is SEO in Blogging? See, without SEO you can not

What is SEO in Blogging?

What is SEO in Blogging

See, without SEO you can not succeed in blogging because today the competition has increased so much in this field that even if you write very well, it will still take you years to come to the first page of Google. You should stop blogging.

Being a blogger, I also have to make big papad to get my post on the first page of Google, like on page SEO followed by social share followed by making backlink and so many brothers, so SEO is very important.

What is every blogger SEO (Search engine optimization) step by step guide Let’s use Just as a car cannot move without petrol or diesel, similarly your article cannot reach the first page of google without doing SEO, then you must have known what seo is in blogging.

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Hope you understand the usefulness of seo.

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