What are SEO and meta tags? What is their use in blogging?

What are SEO and meta tags? What is their use in blogging?

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What are SEO and meta tags

Search Engine Optimization is a process by which we improve the ranking of our website in Google search.

In SEO, we take great care of the word.

Following the guidelines provided by Google, we need to create backlinks to our website and our business related websites on the Internet in addition to our website.

Also we should keep in mind the following things in this process
The content of your website should be related to the word.
Never copy content from other website on your website
Write answers to your customers’ questions in very simple language
Before SEO of website, please read the WEBMASTER guidelines given by Google.

Choose a right keyword

Meta Data and Use in SEO

Meta data literally means

” Information about information “

“Data about a data”

“Data that tells something about a data, we call it meta data”

Google used Meta data so that it could give initial information about the website to its visitors and searches, so Google included the meta title and meta description in the search results and when Google initially posted any information on its website To show the website, three major content were taken, out of which the title, which we also call meta title, is the main title and main heading of the website.

The second URL that is the URL of your page or website
Description of the page on your website that describes what the page is about

These are the three things related to the website that Google searcher shows.

In the beginning, Google meta title meta description and meta keyword used these three meta data to understand your page and to give the initial information of your page to the searcher.

But the keyword meta data ka was misused by spammers, so Google disconnected the meta keyword

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