How to off-page SCO your blog?

How to off-page SCO your blog?

How to off-page SCO your blog

Before doing off page SEO, you should ensure that your content is good and accurate.

After you publish your blog, after that you find sites with the same content as you are writing on the computer, then find more sites that have written the first article on the computer. Then make some good comments in the comment section below Please leave your link after.

Go to another website and submit your link, but keep in mind that all those websites should be related to your content.

Join social media groups related to content, solve your logo problems and create your identity and then ask them to visit this link for more information. This will increase your social factor, and will help in SEO ranking.

Submit directory to your website There are various websites which submit directory.

Promoted on social media, created social bookmarks.

Likewise, gradually your blog ranking will keep increasing day by day.

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