What are the 5 biggest mistakes new bloggers make?

What are the 5 biggest mistakes new bloggers make?

What are the 5 biggest mistakes new bloggers make

There is a competition to earn money online. And in the meantime people want to become bloggers, make blogs. So during this time they make very big mistakes. Of which I think these mistakes may also be important.

1. First mistake comes to the blog without thinking. Neither do they choose any topic. He chooses neither good nor those that like him. He does not know himself. In a hurry, they take a topic and limited posts are able to write only 10-15 posts in total, then they wonder what else is the biggest mistake on top of this topic. That they should have a topic on which they keep writing continuously.

2. Second is that even after selecting a good topic, they lose complete vigor within 6 months. They believe that the block has been completed for just 6 months of blogging, then the total time has to be given. You must first make sure that I will take at least 2 hours daily on the block for an article, then it is possible. is .

3. All of them want to earn money as quickly as possible. And it does the third largest. According to me, do not hurry, if you start a block to learn, then it will be very good for your future, the more you learn, the deeper your foundation will be and you will be able to make a career on blogging.

4. In the beginning, you do not have to spend any money for about 1 year, if you want to apply for a domain, then first prepare well or for 6 months you can also prepare on your blog without buying a domain, it is not that Google Adsense I approve only on domain. I also found AdSense approval without purchasing domain. Then I was disabled by AdSense due to some invalid click activity.

5. Don’t pay money for the block at all, because when you come to the block money, then you will be unable to stand again, you will be disappointed that if you have found any mistake, then you like to go to it again. If you don’t, don’t spend money altogether.

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