Mother Teresa Biography in English (Death), Wiki, Family, Wife, Age

Mother Teresa Biography – Mother Teresa Biography in English: Mother Teresa, the personification of human liberation and human welfare – a name symbolizing love, peace and shelter. Mother Teresa is the last inheritor of those saints who have suffered endless sufferings for their whole life and sacrificed their lives to free people from oppression, oppression and cruelty.

Mother Teresa Biography in English

Mother Teresa Biography in English

  A brief biography of Mother Teresa, the embodiment of human liberation and human welfare. Mother Teresa Biography – Mother Teresa Biography in English or Mother Teresa Jivani Bangla. A short biography of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa Birth, Place, Life Story, Life History, Biography in English. Discussed in detail.

Who was Mother Teresa? Who is Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was an Albanian-born Indian Catholic nun and missionary. Teresa was born in Skopje, Albania, Ottoman Empire. Mother Teresa lived there until the age of eighteen. In 1928, Mother Teresa (Mother Teresa) came to the then British colony of India on a mission to spread Christianity through Ireland. Mother Teresa stayed in India for the rest of her life .

Short biography of Mother Teresa, the embodiment of human liberation and human welfare – Mother Teresa Short Biography in English:

NameMother Teresa
birthday26th August 1910
BirthplaceYuskup, Ottoman Empire
ParentsNicholas Baezaxhu (Father)
citizenshipIndia (1947-1997)
OccupationCatholic nun, missionary
Cause of familiarityThe Missionaries of Charity
Successor Nun Nirmala Joshi
Significant awardsNobel Peace Prize (1979) Bharat Ratna (1980) Presidential Medal of Freedom (1985) Balzan Award (1978)
Death5th September 1997

Mother Teresa Birthday:

Mother Teresa  was born on August 27, 1910 AD in a small village of Skopje (Skopje) in the southern region of Yugoslavia at that time in an Albanian Roman Catholic farming family   . 

Mother Teresa Parents – Mother Teresa Parents:

 Mother Teresa ‘s father’s name is Nicolas Baezaxhiu, he was a grocer by profession. He named the daughter Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Agenes Gonxha Bojaxhiu).

 This poor couple from Albania never thought. Their very quiet daughter will one day dedicate her life to fulfill her dream of solving all the world’s suffering.

 Little did they know the power that the little girl used to pray with her eyes closed before the pictures of the merciful Jesus and Mother Mary. This silent prayer to God was the source of all Mother’s strength.

Mother Teresa Childhood – Mother Teresa Childhood:

Even in her later life, no matter how busy she was, Mother Teresa maintained her  prayer time with almost military strictness. 

 Agnes had two left and one brother, one of whose legs was crippled. A veil of shame always surrounds him for this physical deformity.

 Agnes became fatherless at the age of seven. In Yugoslavia, wounded by the First World War, his mother took care of her child with great difficulty. It was through her mother’s inspiration that Agnes gained faith in kindness to the poor and devotion to God. Mother Teresa was attracted to religious activities from a young age .

Mother Teresa Education Life – Mother Teresa Education Life:

 While studying at the public school in Skopje, Agnes became interested in the work of the missionaries of the Sedality Society. He used to read the newspapers regularly. 

Various news of India were published in that newspaper. In his own words, “At the age of twelve I first knew I had a vocation to help the poor. I wanted to be a missionary.

 Letters from the Jesuits of Yugoslavia were read in public school classes in Skopje. In all those letters there is a special mention of Kolkata. After hearing all that, Agnes became attracted to Calcutta.

Mother Teresa Joined Loreta:

 He came to know about the news that Loreto Sangha of Ireland is working in India. Mother Teresa contacted the head office of Loreto Society in Dublin . Then he joined Loreto Sangeh with his mother’s permission. Went to Bathinham, Ireland. At that time, Mother Teresa was only eighteen years old.

 In the same year, 1928 AD, Agnes came to Kolkata by ship. Joined the Sisters of Loreto, an Irish nun.

Mother Teresa Joined Sent Merry School:

 That first soil of Bengal welcomed Mother Teresa . From that first day, Agnes became a person of Bengal in her mind and soul.

 Until then, Mother Teresa did not become a full nun. He was sent to Darjeeling to complete his apprenticeship.

 After completing the two-year course, she took the vow of nun. Agnes came back to Calcutta. Entali was appointed as a teacher in the Bengali Department of St. Mary’s School. Mother Teresa ‘s subjects were geography and history. 

Principal of Mother Teresa’s St. Mary’s School:

Mother Teresa was a teacher of that school for  twenty years . 1942 AD became the principal of that school. Residents of the nearby Motijheel slum claimed that Mother Teresa was disturbed by whistling while she was teaching at the school.

Mother Teresa During Famine: 

 That was the rice of the second child. The city of Calcutta was devastated by the man-made famine. With the hope of a handful of rice, village people are flocking to Kolkata in droves, starving to death by eating bad food. 

 Sister Agnes began her work at this time. He soon realized that the poor were being served by leaving Bangan behind. In order to stand next to the poor and hungry people here, he has to come out of the sure life of four walls. 

 1946 AD: On September 10, he had a miraculous realization while going to Darjeeling. Mother Teresa (Mother Teresa) as if she heard the revelation of God.

Mother Teresa’s words:

 Talking about this realization, Mother herself said, “… a call within a call …… The message was clear. 1 was to leave the convent and help the poor, while living among them. ” 

 If you want to serve the poor, you have to do it from among the poor. Remember the day of receiving this order of God forever. Mother did. He used to say The Day of Decision — the day of inspiration.

 That was the beginning of the transformation from Sister Agnes to Mother Teresa. Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother observes this day as inspiration day. The Sangh thinks that on 10th September 1946 AD their Sammar fell.

 Agnes with permission from the Mother Superior. Lalaretto quit his job. Cloak of the nuns of Laerto. He left and picked up the blue sari.

 On that day, he had five rupees, a Bible, a rosary and a hymn. And with it was unimaginable morale and dependence on God. 

Mother Teresa Establish Missionary Of Charity:

 1950 A.D.: Mother Teresa started her first ministry in a lonely state. Established his Missionaries of Charity. 

This is how Mother Teresa (Mother Teresa) dedicated herself in the service of people and humanity in Calcutta . He poured his soul into the service of the oppressed poor and helpless Ganadev. Gradually he started to build his service company. She began to take the sad, miserable and crying people to her bosom with the love and compassion of a mother.

The Missionaries of Charity organization which was established by Mother Teresa  with a capital of only five rupees , has expanded to hundreds of branches all over the world today. He has established many children’s homes, women’s work centers, mobile medical centers, food and clothing distribution centers and leprosy centers in many countries to serve humanity and expand education.

Establishment of treatment and care centers for Mother Teresa patients:

 Mother Teresa established a treatment and care center for leprosy patients. Even in her old age, this noble woman has tirelessly traveled around the world in service work. Sometimes Mother Teresa (Mother Teresa) fell ill and recovered again and devoted herself to the service of humanity. He hugged the poor poor person to his chest. Such examples of motherhood are rare in the world.

 Mother Teresa has set an incomparable example of loving people. The whole world accepted it with a bowed head and gave him a reward with both hands.

Mother Teresa’s Prizes:

 1962 AD Awarded Padma Shri by Government of India. Mother was given the Magsaysay Award that year. In the same year, the 23rd Pope received the Peace Prize from Pope Paul VI. In the same year, he was awarded the Good Samaritan Award in Boston, USA. 

 A month later, he received the John F. Kennedy International Recognition Award for International Understanding. In recognition of the development of spirituality, Prince Philip of England handed over the Templeton Award for Progress in Religion in 1973 AD to Mother.

Mother Teresa – Mother Teresa’s Nobel prize:

 1979 AD Mother was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1980 AD , Mother Teresa received the Bharat Ratna, the highest state honor of the Indian government.

Mother Teresa’s Saint Title:

 Late Mother Teresa was canonized on September 4, 2016 by Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church.

Mother Teresa Death – Mother Teresa Death:

 Mother Teresa is a living icon of love, compassion, kindness, service and care. Mother Teresa is the savior of the distressed, the poor, the helpless, the neglected, the sick, the personification of human liberation and human welfare. On September 6, 1997, he crossed the boundaries of life and reached Amritlake.

Mother Teresa Biography in English (FAQ)

When was Mother Teresa born?

Ans: Mother Teresa was born on 26 August 1910.

What is Mother Teresa’s father’s name?

Ans: Mother Teresa’s father’s name is Nicolas Baezaxhiu.

Who was Mother Teresa?

Ans: Mother Teresa was an Albanian-origin Indian Catholic nun and missionary.

Where was Mother Teresa born?

Ans: Mother Teresa was born in Yuskup, Ottoman Empire.

When did Mother Teresa receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Ans: Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

When did Mother Teresa get the Bharat Ratna?

Ans: Mother Teresa received the Bharat Ratna in 1980.

When did Mother Teresa come to India?

Ans: Mother Teresa came to India in 1928.

When did Mother Teresa get the Padma Shri?

Ans: Mother Teresa received Padma Shri in 1962.

Who was the successor of Mother Teresa?

Ans: Mother Teresa’s successor was nun Nirmala Joshi.

When was Mother Teresa born?

Ans: Mother Teresa was born on 26 August 1910.

When did Mother Teresa die?

Ans: Mother Teresa died on 5 September 1997.

When did Mother Teresa die?

Ans: Mother Teresa died on 5 September 1997.

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