Is BlogSpot good for earning money?

Is BlogSpot good for earning money?

Is BlogSpot good for earning money

There are some more important aspects before making money from a blog…

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If money comes later than content, it is better. You are selling content instead of showing advertisements to visitors on the blog. If there is nothing in it that can bind the visitor, then he will not be able to sit well on the search engines.

If the content is not good, then people will not share it. Nor will your backlinks be found. And then your blog traffic will not increase. If the traffic does not increase, then forget the money.

Some of the main sources of traffic to a blog site can be…

Search engines; Such as Google, Bing, Duck-Duck-Go, etc.

social media; Such as Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Other sites; That have linked your content

Direct traffic

Which is rarely

This traffic only helps you to make money. So tie a knot that content is paramount; Other things come later.

Now let’s talk about blogspot. There are many examples that started with free blog services such as Blogspot,, Type Pad, Tumblr, etc. But later he was successful because of his brilliant content. After being successful they chose better options from Blogspot.

Some such bloggers are Amit Aggarwal, Darren Rowes, Simply Stacey, and Seth Godin.

But despite being successful at Blogspot, why did they choose other options? The answer to this question is that on Blogspot you do not get complete control of creating your blog site in your own way.

When you start climbing the ladder of success in blogging, you will find that after the content there is more to do; like…

On-page SEO

So that you can get small benefits from search engines.

Valid markup; So that every search engine and browser can see your site at one glance

Better design; So that visitors also enjoy visiting the site

Improved site navigation; So that the visitor can browse the site comfortably

Other features; Like the last updated, categories, custom page creation

You must have thought that it was another time when people became famous with blogspot and they made money. Yes, time has changed, and the reputation of free services is no longer high. So blogs with blogspot neither get more links, nor visits.

But still, it’s not so bad that you can’t even start. Nowadays, what is available for free, only products and services of mediocre dealers? And Blogger or Blogspot is still a feature provided by Google. Easy and safe.

It is also easy to start with that, and even if the blog started running then Google Adsense Approval would not have created so much buzz. Nevertheless, a small investment (₹ 500–800) will be good if you bear it.

Let’s assume that you can’t invest too much on your blog right now, and want to use Blogspot or any other free blogging service just like the bloggers above…

… Well, if you do not have more, invest less. Buy a domain name and put it on your blogspot blog. This will mean that you will be discharged from the blogspot tag, and that low-repetition blog tensions will end.

Just write content now, and put all your strength on audience convenience and better experience. Respond to their comments equally, and keep taking feedback from them about the content, design, and other services of the site.

Going forward, you can choose any self-hosted solution for the blog. That depends on how much money you can invest in the blog.

Think of your blog as more of a community than a blog site. Keep in mind that there are millions of beginner blogs like yours and there are millions of better blogs already running on the internet. So you do not have to think about earning at the beginning, first make a place, and then all the paths will automatically open.

Talk about making money from a blog; So with good traffic you will also get Adsense Approval. You will be able to start making money on Blogspot itself.

And it is not necessary that you can earn money from the blog only by showing ads or getting clicks on it. Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, job listings, product sales by PayPal, etc. can be many ways of making money.

This answer can also be of your use: ways to earn money from e-commerce sites.

Then just. You start by taking the domain name; And remember that if you are pushing yourself in some work, then only with full strength, research and focus.


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