Hare Jhande Ke Shehzade Lyrics from A Strange Love Story (2011)

Hare Jhande Ke Shehzade Lyrics from A Strange Love Story
Hare Jhande Ke Shehzade – From The Movie A Strange Love Story (2011)

Song : Hare Jhande Ke Shehzade

Movie : A Strange Love Story

Singer(s) : Ripul Sharma, Shahid Ali Khan

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Music By : Ripul Sharma, Santokh Singh Dhaliwal

Lyricist(s) : Vikhar

A Strange Love Story

Aaa aa

(Hare jhande ke shehzadeNi mere pir dastaki) – (2)

Mere pir dastaki – 4

(Hare jhande ke shehzadeNi mere pir dastaki) – (3)

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Aaa aa aa aa

(Dada hassan tumhareNana hussain tumhare) – (2)

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Bade gharane ha re ji

Mere pir dastakiBade gharane

(haa)Bade gharane

(aji aji haa)(Bade gharane ha re jiMere pir dastaki) – (2)

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(Tore aangan aayeMann ki murad laye) – (2)

Mann ki murad laye – 2

Tore aangan aaye

Mann ki murad laye

(Sadke jau tumhare jiMere pir dasataki) – (2)

Aaa aaAlah ki bargah seHum sab ki murad lao

Sab ki murad lao – 4

(Lakho ko varu thare ji Mere pir dastaki) – (3)

Hare jhande ke shehzade – 3

Ni mere pir dastaki

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