What is SEO and How Does it work?

What is SEO and How Does it work?

What is SEO and How Does it work

SEO full form “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the practice of optimizing websites to reach a higher position in the results seen by Google or other search engines. SEO Organic (Non-Paid) focuses on ranking in search results. In this post, I will read “What is SEO?” I will answer the question. 

Simply put, SEO is an effort that all digital marketers make, whether one runs a blog like yours or an online store like Flipkart, everyone needs SEO. In SEO, we do this so that our website or blog can be understood by Google and that people should show our website and tell that your work information is on this website and you can take information about your work from here. 

For example, you searched Google “What is SEO?” And Google showed you that the information about your work on this site on which you are reading articles is better than the rest of the website and you will get more and more information right after reading from here. Now how did Google know that this website has the best information? Did you think the same question? 

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