Is Blogging Over? The question that you asked sometimes

Is Blogging Over?

Is Blogging Over

The question that you asked sometimes comes to the mind of every new blogger, why do so many of your Youtuber brothers tell me that if you want to do blogging then choose WordPress, WordPress you can easily earn it because there are lots of things to keep your blog safe. Plugins are available so that your blog posts are also ranked quickly and along with this you get plugins to save AdSense accounts. It tells all your YouTubers.

After hearing this, do you think that the blogger platform will be closed forever for blogging? This will never happen, Google will continue this. See if Blogger writes good content using the platform, then your post will definitely rank. Google provides free hosting for similar blogging, just to give you a link to rank your blog or blog post. Need to buy a domain because it is difficult to rank in blogspot?

The reason for not ranking in Blogger can also be that subdomain and hosting are available for free, if bloggers do not write content in the blog properly then how will they rank? Google never does this. Google never favors Whether blogger is a platform or WordPress and whatever else, just look at the content.

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