Have a Good Night and sweetest dreams

Pray and thank God for all that happened during the day. Wish everyone a very Good Night, take a deep breath and sleep tight. Sugary dreams to you.

As the light goes dim and the world goes silent let your eyes and body take some rest. Make sure to make it sweet and sound. Good Night.

May your life be as fresh as a rain drop, As sweet as honey, As colorful as rainbow and, As wonderful as you. Have a Good Night and sweet dreams. Sleep tight.

When the clock strikes nine, it winks at you and says that it is the time, to make yourself rest in your fine, comfy bed and wish every one, a very Good Night.

Let me sing you a sweet and lovey-dovey song. May you have a bonbon night and sugary dreams. Good Night.

Twinkling stars are shining hard to wish another shining star a very Good Night.

Your eyes are sleepy and your body and mind need rest. Give yourself the reward of a sound and peaceful sleep. Have a Good Night and sweet dreams.

Let us leave all our fights behind and promise ourselves to make our tomorrow worth cherishing and beautiful. Have a Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Sleep well, as I will pray for you, May you get what you want and through, Wait for a new dawn and a day, As I wish you a lovely night today, Good night and sleep tight!

The sleepy moon and the mighty sun together are telling you that it is the time to give rest to your mind, body and soul. Good Night and sugary dreams.

Sleep is the best thing that can happen to you after a long day of struggle and hard work. May you too have a sound and peaceful sleep and angel dreams. Good Night.

A very Good Night to my sweet little cutie pie. May you have a sound and peaceful sleep with sweet cherry dreams.

After every beautiful day comes a beautiful night. Hope you enjoy this one. Good night!

With this subtle breeze blowing through the woods, You too enter the world of dreams with a heart so cool and calm. Sleep tight. Have a Good Night and sweetheart dreams.

Go to bed as it’s the time to sleep, Many untold secrets to keep, Sleep well and dream all night, It’s the night, a very pleasant sight, Good night and sleep tight!

With your eyes going sleepy, close your books, shut down your computer and walk towards your bed. Wishing you a very Good Night and sugar coated dreams.

Night is the best gift of life, The gift when you can relax, The gift to unwind, Where there is peace of every kind, So.. sleep tight, As I wish you a very good night!

It’s time to sleep, So close your eyes, It’s time to sleep, So be a little wise, And forget about today, Think about tomorrow Because it will be a new day, Good night my friend!

To a dreamer like you, night is the best time to explore your horizons to the zeniths. Have a Good Night and sweet dreams. Sleep tight.

It is said a good night’s sleep can bring a wonderful tomorrow. May you sleep with beautiful dreams. Good Night.

Ssshhhhh.. everyone else has already slept, now it is time for you to take a break from the hectic schedule and have a sound cozy sleep. Wishing you a very Good Night.

After a day so exhausting and life so rewarding let us take a break from all the business and have a sweet, sound yet tight sleep. Good Night and have sweet dreams.

God has put off the lights, So rest yourself and relax tonight. Good night!

That time of the day is here again, When you will relax and unwind, So, lay down as you sleep in peace, With the positive thoughts in mind, Wish you a lovely night, Good night!

Let this night take you on a ride of beautiful dreams. Wish you a Good Night.

The best part of sleeping is that it allows you to dream anything. Sleep well dear. Good Night.

Keep your eyes on the goal but mind at peace, you surely will achieve any desired goal in life. Have a lovely and sound sleep. Good Night and sweet dreams.

<strong>Good Night</strong> Wishes Greeting Quotes SMS Messages

On this lovely night, I just want to wish you good night, For all the pleasant dreams you would see, For all the beautiful moments and glee, Just close your eyes and sleep tight, Good night!

Close your twinkling eyes, make yourself comfortable with your teddy, take a sip of the moon light outside the window sill, and wish yourself a very Good Night with happy dreams. Sleep tight dear.

Dreams are like the stars of the night, You can’t really touch the stars, But, if you follow a star, it will lead you somewhere, So never stop dreaming in life, Good night and sleep tight!

Giving up is not something meant for hard working people like you. Tomorrow will again come with yet another opportunity for you to explore. For now sleep tight. Good Night and sweet dreams.

All you need to succeed with excellence. All you need for a great day. All you need for a better tomorrow, is a good sleep at night. A fresh mind, can conquer the world. I wish you a good night. Sleep well.

Yesterday was a lesson and tomorrow is an opportunity, Do not regret about the past and expect good things from the future. Live today the best way you can. Have a Good Night and lovely dreams. Sleep tight.

Dream big and dream tonight, Dream that things will be alright, Your dream will turn to reality is my wish for you, You don’t have to strive through, Wishing a lovely night to you, Good night!

Since the owls have taken over the world to guard, and vampires to look after all of us, take a break from worldly ventures and hit your bed. Have a happy happy night and sweet sweet dreams.

Since the whole world has taken a break from work, you too switch off the lights, hit your bed and prepare yourself for a journey to the world of dreams. Have a Good Night and sweet dreams.

Your bed just called me up and asked me to tell how eager it is to accompany you on your journey to the dreamland. So common on you lazy bum, and step towards it. Good Night and sweet dreams.

Before you sleep do not forget to thank all those who made you learn something today. With a willing heart to face a new day hit your bed and sleep tight. Have a very Good Night and sweet cute dreams.

Silent night and dreamy night, Lovely bright moon and what a sight, The wind that blows in the dark, The time when you feel relaxed, Stay calm and close your eyes, Give it up to the night, Good night and sleep tight!

When I was about to fall asleep, my teddy woke me up and reminded me to wish you a night full of happy dreams and wonderful thoughts. So here comes my message to wish you a very Good Night and sweet dreams.

I wish you sweet dreams for the night, I wish you have a pleasant sight, Just stay relaxed as you close your eyes, As all the stress will suffice, Sleep well this night, Wish you a good night and sleep tight!

Stars all night shining in the dark, The pleasant sight and that bright spark, The night is here to stay again, The night is here to stay, Wait for another day, Sleep well is my wish for you today, Good night!

Nights are the best time to lie down and let your mind weave what you subconsciously aspire but consciously neglect. Sleep and let your mind make those beautiful castles for you. Have a Good Night and sweetest dreams.

Surrender to the night so dark, Close your eyes in peace, All your stress and worries will cease, As you wait for another dawn, With new light and spark, Sleep relaxed with a silent prayer, Good night and sleep tight!

Clock has already struck 10. The entire world is sleeping and preparing to welcome a bright new sun. You too sleep tight with a heart open for the new sun and all the happiness that it will accompany. Good Night and sweet dreams.

The whole day you struggle, You work study and juggle, Let this be the time to relax, Keep it calm and chillax, Do not forget to take your blanket, And all the blessings with you, Before you sleep. Good Night and Sweetheart dreams.

An end to a day, is only a beginning of a new one. And similarly, every success marks a start of a new one. Keep your spirits high for a tomorrow that shall always come. Keep faith, courage and hope in life and never let your dreams sleep. Good night.

So here is the deal, you sleep tight and I will send the fairy and all the angels in the town to see you in your dream. But for that you need to rest your eyes, mind and soul and position yourself on your warm cozy bed. Good Night and sweet dreams.

Nights, for a hard working person like you come with a message of prosperity and a promise for a new bright sunny day for you to take benefit of it. For now just close your eyes and sleep tight. Wishing you a very good and silent, sound night and beautiful dreams.

The day might not have been the way you planned it to be, Things might not have gone your way, Winds might not have blown in your direction, Just take a deep breath and close your eyes, Fill yourself with optimism for tomorrow and regards for the past. Wishing you a very good and calm night. Sleep tight.